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Fixooo is your all-inclusive app for effortlessly finding verified car repair services, ensuring worry-free driving and top-tier maintenance


Location Based Services:

Fixooo uses your current location to help you find the best car repair services nearby. This feature ensures convenience and minimizes travel time when seeking repairs.


Verified and Fixed Rates:

The app provides a list of verified auto repair service providers along with fixed rates for their services. This transparency helps users make informed decisions and avoid unexpected costs.


Global Accessibility:

Fixooo's global reach allows users to find reliable repair shops even when traveling abroad with their vehicles. This feature is particularly useful for travelers who may need urgent repairs in unfamiliar locations.


What do they say?

men's blue and white button-up collared top
men's blue and white button-up collared top

Easy to use

For anyone who's ever struggled to find a reliable service provider in an unfamiliar place, you'll understand how valuable this is. I'd spend hours searching for a reputable service provider, and it was often hit or miss. With Fixooo, I can make an informed choice quickly. It's made my life easier, saved me money, and, most importantly, reduced the stress associated with car repairs.

- Mila Ivanova

Amazed by great results!

My buddies and I had an unbelievable three-month road trip throughout Europe last year. It was all fun and adventurous until our automobile decided to cause us problems not once, but twice. Fixooo, on the other hand, proved to be a reliable app in our hour of need, helping us not only find the right service but also shielded us from those potential tourist traps and overcharging nightmares. Thanks to the app's upfront fixed rates, we cruised through these roadblocks unscathed.

- Juozas Graikštys


Being a busy mom, my schedule is constantly packed with school runs, grocery shopping, and endless errands. Car breakdowns are the last thing I need. Fixooo, with its easy to use app has been a lifesaver. What I adore most is its ability to find reliable repair shops quickly. The fixed rates are an stress-reliever; I always know what I'm getting into.

- Ania Wojciechowska

Easy to use

While traveling to the season finale games, I experienced a real-life Fixooo moment when I realised that I had a flat tire. With only a single phone tap, I was able to quickly locate the help by utilizing the app. Thanks to this app, my tire emergency was reduced to a minor inconvenience, and I arrived at the game just in time for the kickoff! If you've ever been stranded in a tire jam you'll appreciate how Fixooo quickly gets you back on the road.

- Simon Muller



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